Reformatori in Unanimitate

Reformer's Unanimous International Reformatori în Unanimitate România We are currently translating and developing the Reformer's Unanimous program in Romania. We started an RUI program in our church in January, 2010. So far we have baptized over 20 people and have seen an average attendance at the weekly meetings of 20 men and women. We have also been given land in a village near Cluj that we will develop into a treatment home where up to 25 men will be able to come and get help for their addictions. We have raised $102,000 of our goal of $150,000. This money will be used to develop the site and build the home. The RUI home will be completely owned and operated by the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Cluj-Napoca. Statistics say that there are over 60,000 people addicted to drugs and or alcohol in Cluj-Napoca, a city of about 400,000 people. The need is great and God has given us the place to make this ministry a reality. The home will be part of a 25 acre farm which will be operated by the residents.

Program Principal

Vineri: 19:00 - Program Principal
Duminica: 10:00 - Scoala Duminicala

Studiu Biblic

Luni: 11:00 - Studiu Biblic
Vineri: 11:00 - Studiu Biblic



10:00 - Scoala Duminicala
11:00 - Predica
12:15 - Predica


18:00 - Cor
19:00 - Studiu Biblic


Institut Biblic

8:30 - Sambata (din 13 oct.)


11:00 - Sambata


18:00 - Vineri, Program Principal
10:00 - Duminica, Scoala Duminicala
11:00 - Luni, Studiu
11:00 - Vineri, Studiu

Intalnirea Surorilori

19:00 - Fiecare a II-a miercur a lunii

Rugăciune Bărbați

8:30 - Zilnic


Institut Biblic

8:30 - Sambata (din 13 oct.)